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If you do not have an attorney at this point and the other party is notified, you will be inundated with requests for information. The other party’s insurance company will want to know details and how the accident occurred. They’re going to try to dissuade you from seeking any legal help. However, you should not discuss your claim with them. They are not there to help you get better. Their task is to close the case with as little to no payout as possible. Communicating with the other party’s insurance company is dangerous.

What Should I Expect To Happen When I Meet With My Personal Injury Attorney?

When someone comes in for a consultation, the attorney will assess the details of the accident. The attorney will ask standard questions to get a picture of the situation, such as, where did the accident happen? What was the weather? What did the scene look like? What were the road conditions? Was it snowing? Was it raining? Was it dark? Was the road under construction? What were the types of vehicles involved?

If a case involves a different type of personal injury, then the nature of the questions will reflect and coincide with that particular situation. For example, is the case a slip and fall? A dog bite? A wrongful death? Whatever type of injury happened, a case assessment needs to occur and then the lawyer and client can then determine how best to move forward.

The initial client intake is the first step. Once the assessment is over, then the attorney will determine the scope of the case, the specialists who’ll be involved, and what is needed to move past the initial client intake.

The attorney may determine that you don’t have a case. You have to have all three components of liability, injury, and insurance. The intake can also demonstrate whether the potential client is liable, in which case, they don’t need to hire a lawyer – their insurance company will provide one for them. If they have been injured due to someone else’s liability or someone else’s negligence, then that’s when they should hire an attorney.

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