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If you are charged with criminal mischief, contact us to schedule your personalized case evaluation with an experienced criminal mischief lawyer. The charge may not seem serious, but it could affect your life for longer than you realize.

Bartis Law Firm represents clients facing various criminal mischief charges in Nashua, New Hampshire, and surrounding areas. He will work your case to have charges dismissed when possible, avoiding lasting disruptions to your life.

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Criminal Mischief Law

Criminal mischief, is defined as, purposely or recklessly damaging the property of another when you have no right to do so or any reasonable basis to believe you have that right.

Common examples of criminal mischief include:

  • Defacing a property (e.g., graffiti)
  • Disturbing an emergency exit
  • Keying a vehicle
  • Tampering with a fire hydrant
  • Throwing a rock through a window

These charges may result in a simple or Class A misdemeanor. For property damage of $100 to $1,500, you could face up to a year in jail and $2,000 in fines.

You could be charged with a Class B felony for more serious criminal mischief. Some examples include:

  • Arson
  • Discharge of a firearm at an occupied structure
  • Damaging property of historical, cultural, or sentimental significance

For a Class B felony, charges carry sentences of three and one-half to seven years and fines up to $2,000. You could also be required to serve probation. If it is determined you used a motor vehicle to commit the act of mischief, your driver’s license could also be suspended for up to 90 days.

In several cases, if you are found guilty of damaging property, you may also face full restitution. Depending on the circumstances of the damage, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars, above and beyond the fine associated with the charge.

Criminal Mischief Consequences

Whether you are looking at a misdemeanor or a felony, if convicted, you will have a criminal record that comes with lasting consequences. An experienced mischief defense attorney is essential in mitigating the effects of these charges.

Employment. In some cases, even just having a charge without conviction can prevent you from certain employment opportunities. A potential employer has a legal right to run a background check in most cases. Being convicted of criminal mischief could affect your potential earnings for a lifetime.

Custody. Having a criminal conviction on your record could limit your access to the custody of your child(ren).

Carrying a Firearm. It is a federal crime to carry or purchase a firearm if you have a felony conviction on your record. This means you not only lose the right to carry a firearm for protection, but a conviction also bans you from hunting.

Housing. A potential landlord has the right to run a background check before agreeing to lease a property. With a criminal mischief conviction on your record, it could prevent you from obtaining ideal housing.

Criminal Mischief Defense Lawyer

You need a knowledgeable criminal mischief proceeding lawyer, whether you are looking at a misdemeanor or a felony charge. The intricacies of criminal mischief law can be confusing. An experienced attorney will work the system to get you the best possible outcome—clearing your name or getting your charges and penalties reduced.

Attorney Bartis has been representing the people of New Hampshire for over twenty years. If you are charged with criminal mischief, contact us to schedule your personalized case evaluation. We will review your case and advise you on how to move forward while mitigating the effects of this charge on your life.

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