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“Bob treated me like I was his only client. I was treated with respect, and he got the job done. Completely satisfied with the job that was done. Took the stress out of one of the most stressful situations to face my family.”C.F.

“Attorney Bartis is respectful, efficient, and we’ve used him a few times since the initial case for family law consultations. He provides great guidance and even if we don’t need him for a court case, he’s always willing to provide an ear. Hands down, we would hire him again for his area of practice.”Holly B.

“Complete respect always in my corner and never let me down I wouldn’t have hired anyone else in the world. He’s the best at what he does and you can fully trust him.”Anthony M.

“Besides his extensive knowledge and expertise in civil and criminal law, we felt that Attorney Bartis truly care about our case and he went far and beyond to serve as our attorney. He was extremely professional and It was a peace of mind having him represent us.

A piece of mind knowing he will go an extra mile for his clients besides having an incredible knowledgeable and experienced lawyer walking with you through your case.”Alexandra B.

“Attorney Bartis is top notch. Highly recommend.”Judy P.

“I could not have asked for a better experience. He was invaluable and incredible through the entire process.”James B.

“I have known attorney Bartis for many years and I have had to use his services on several occasions in those years and always found him to be professional, kind and courteous with a compassionate demeanor and always with sound advice.

My experience with attorney Bartis has always been positive and I would highly recommend him to friends and family.”Fred D.

“Attorney Bartis treated me with great respect, and was very prompt in getting back to me anytime that I had contacted him, I am very glad that I hired him and would recommend him to anyone that has I need of a really good injury attorney, I am very pleased that I chose attorney Bartis as my lawyer!!!

My experience has been excellent and I would definitely recommend him to family and friends for any of the legal needs.”Steven I.

“I was treated with genuine respect and empathy. He was punctual, well-prepared and listened attentively, to all my concerns. He offered pertinent legal advice and provided sound strategies for moving forward. I am confident I made the right choice in seeking counsel from Attorney Robert Bartis. I would not hesitate to utilize his services again or recommend him to others.”Kerry Z.

“Attorney Bartis made me feel comfortable from the first meeting. He is a good combination of professional and personal. Communication was great as he had no issues answering my barrage of questions. I have used him a few times for me and family members on different types of cases. I could not imagine going anywhere else. I would tell them that they could not go wrong with Bob and that they are in good hands.”Michelle S.

“Very respectful, informative and knowledgeable. I will always contact Bartis Law first any time I need assistance. And highly recommend him to anyone in need for. Top Notch, always recommend him to anyone, friend or family.”Jeffrey L.

“I am a NH & MA attorney who has been referring cases to Bob for years. Service has always been excellent and the clients I have referred have given me positive feedback. I continue to refer cases to Bob, so I most certainly would recommend a friend or family member.”Paul E.

“Bob treated me with respect and care. He listened carefully; he explained the relevant legal concepts and procedures clearly and effectively; he answered my questions. He also communicated with me frequently, and he was always patient and professional. Bob made a difficult situation tolerable by representing my case capably and professionally. I would recommend his services.”Keith F.

“When lawyers need help for injury cases, they call Bartis law.”Joseph M.

“It was by referral that I met Bob Bartis back in 2004 when I was in need of a divorce lawyer. As terrified and overwhelmed as I was walking through his door, Bob Bartis was kind and put me at ease immediately. I felt safe. He explained my options thoroughly making sure I was ok with everything every step of the way. His knowledge, professionalism, confidence and energy is like no one I’ve ever met. He is genuine. He treats me like family and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me and my two boys.”Mary R.

“My wife and I had been through the ringer with lawyers and I was lucky enough to be working, when Bob met with one of my employees. After I was told about his experience in law, we decided to take a chance and it was the best decision we could have made. Bob was not only extremely knowledgeable about every little detail that you would like to think most lawyers are (but aren’t), he is very outgoing and made us feel incredibly comfortable in a situation that often times isn’t. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bob, and to top it all off, he seems to know everyone which always helps in playing the human element part. I have recommended my friends to Bob, so that should be a testament as good as any, because we completely trust he will do the best possible job!”Justin B.

“Bob has always been an excellent attorney he has great people skills and he is kind and compassionate. If bob is representing you you are in good hands.”Samantha M.

“Bob has been my lawyer for a total of 4 years, easily the best lawyer hands down in our area!”Big B.

“A honorable and respectable man. he knows what he is doing. i would suggest this attorney one hundred percent. not to mention he has a great attitude!”Alexis G.

“Highly recommend this team of locally respected proffesionals.”Chris B.