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Two Out Of Three Is Bad

Two Out Of Three Is Bad

Potential Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Personal Injury Case

No one calls a lawyer when they are having a good day…..When everything is going wrong and you need a problem solver; someone who has answers and the ability to help, call Bob Bartis. He is an advocate for the injured. He is the attorney that gets the job done. Injuries take away your rights or at least it feels that way and no amount of money can make you whole again but money damages, judgments, verdicts and holding people accountable can send the message and let your voice be heard and assure it does not happen again to you or anyone else.

Bartis Law Offices is a Personal Injury law firm located in Nashua, NH with lawyers focused on severe personal injuries. We help people achieve settlements, get compensated for injuries and be your voice against the insurance companies.

Representing victims with severe and catastrophic injuries in motorcycle accidents, car crashes, people suffering from injuries from pedestrian accidents, dog bites, amputations, wrongful deaths, chronic pain, medical consequences due to other’s actions and the fault of others, Attorney Bartis takes on the insurance companies and their attorneys to seek justice, compensation and resolutions to your problems. We cannot reverse the damage but we can see that it won’t happen again and assure that you get paid what is owed to you.

For over twenty years Attorney Bartis has been a trial lawyer arguing in courts all over the State of NH. Attorney Bartis has represented the individual, the common person who seeks what is right and have their voice heard in Court.  If your case is going to court or has the potential of going to court then you should contact Bartis Law Offices.

Save Us in Your Contacts!

You should seek the advice and counsel of an attorney who is experienced and can aid and assist you with car accidents, motorcycle crashes, wrongful deaths, dog bites and slip and falls. While you may not need our services now, please take the time to enter our contact information into your phone at this time. Should the need arise, you can find us immediately. Everyone has an emergency contact for health reasons. Be sure you have your emergency contact for legal questions…Read More

If You Find Yourself Injured By An Accident, You’re Entitled To Seek Compensation And Bartis Law Office Can Help

If you have been the unfortunate victim of an auto accident, a pedestrian accident, a slip and fall, or any other type of accident, it is likely that you are legally entitled to monetary compensation for your damages. Don’t fall victim to the assumption that you are simply stuck dealing with your physical and emotional suffering or your costly medical bills alone. If you feel that you may be owed compensation for your injuries in New Hampshire, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the person or the business that you believe caused your injuries. Working closely with a Nashua personal injury lawyer will provide you with the best chance of recovering a fair settlement or judgement in your case.

An experienced Nashua, NH motorcycle accident lawyer can prove to a judge, a jury, or an insurance company the fact that the person who caused your motorcycle accident did so negligently. New Hampshire has a comparative negligence law. This means that as long as you were not more negligent than the defendant/other person, you can recover, even if you contributed to the accident. It also means that it is absolutely paramount to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to explain that you were absolutely not more negligent than the other party was.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident and do not feel that you are at fault, you should prepare to invest in a well-respected slip and fall lawyer. If you have been the victim of a dog attack due to a negligent pet owner, it is worth your time and money to consult a dog bite attorney. Each state only allows you a short, specific amount of time to file a negligence lawsuit and this is called a statute of limitations and there are almost no exceptions to it. Certain types of negligence claims, especially those against government entities, have their own shorter time limitations. These strict limits require the prompt attention of a Nashua, NH personal injury attorney.

The worst case outcome of any personal injury is wrongful death. Wrongful death happens when a person is injured so severely in a negligent accident that they die from their injuries. Certain relatives of a deceased family member who was lost to a negligent accident may legally ask a court to recover damages for their losses. The damages in a wrongful death case can include the loss of the financial support the deceased individual most likely would have provided over the rest of his or her lifetime.

If a serious personal injury accident has affected you, you need to seek proper legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney in New Hampshire to get you the results that you deserve. The Bartis Law Office will fight hard to lower your costs by negotiating with your insurance company and make sure that you receive a healthy and just settlement. If you have been wrongfully injured, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Bartis Law Office.

When you’ve been hurt in NH and are in need of the services of a reliable personal injury attorney, Bartis Law Office is here to help you. We will get your personal injury matter moving in the right direction immediately, earning you the results you deserve. Our dedication to your personal injury compensation is our top priority and we will make your goals our goals. Here at Bartis Law Office, we know exactly how much can change when you suffer a serious injury. Just one serious injury can often lead to chronic health issues and hospitalization which can, in turn, lead to unforeseen and unmanageable debt from expensive medical bills. Get the help you deserve today.

Attorney Bob Bartis On WSMN Radio

Attorney Bob Bartis On WSMN Radio

Criminal & DUI Defense

Making one simple mistake does not suddenly make you a dangerous criminal, who deserves to live with an unfair and damaging stigma for the rest of your life. If you’ve been charged with DUI, drug possession, or any other crime, don’t give up the fight and do not attempt to negotiate directly with the district attorney on your own. Now is the time to invest in a highly trained DWI defense attorney to represent you in Nashua, New Hampshire. All of your applicable legal rights will be fiercely protected and your professional and personal reputations, which surely took you many years to build, will be shielded. Don’t just accept the standard plea agreement that is offered to you by the state’s prosecuting attorney. Get an experienced Nashua criminal defense attorney of your own on your case to look out for your interests right away.

At Bartis Law Office, you will receive our personalized attention. We will respond immediately to your questions with our signature open and prompt communication style. We offer sensitivity and respect during this very difficult time, in addition to expertly crafted legal advice intended to give you the best possible results in your case. Even if you have been convicted of multiple crimes in the past, it doesn’t mean that you do not have the benefit of certain rights or that you should give up.

Bartis Law Office will fight for you to make sure that your constitutional rights are always protected and enacted. We will never give up on you or your case. Contact seasoned New Hampshire criminal defense attorney, Robert Bartis at Bartis Law Office for a free 30-minute consultation today to find out just how we can help you protect your rights and save your reputation from unnecessary damage. If you have a pending criminal case in Nashua, New Hampshire, do not wait until it is too late. Contact us now.

Bartis Law Firm is located in Nashua, NH with lawyers focused on personal injury and criminal law. If your case is going to court or has the potential of going to court then you should contact Bartis Law Offices.

Save Us in Your Contacts!

You should seek the advice and counsel of an attorney who can aid and assist you. While you may not need our services now, please take the time to enter our contact information into your phone at this time. Should the need arise, you can find us immediately. Everyone has an emergency contact for health reasons. Be sure you have your emergency contact for legal questions.

Should I Hire An Attorney? Going It Alone Can Often Times Cost You More Money!

You should be consulting a lawyer that is trained and experienced in NH law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and once certain documents are signed or settlements reached, you cannot reopen your case. So trying to save money or time by not consulting an attorney will be damaging to your case. When questioning whether you should hire a lawyer or not, you should know for a fact that when lawyers are in need of assistance, they hire other lawyers. You should do the same.

Honesty, Integrity And Trust

It is often said that people want results and things get done when you know the right people. When seeking an attorney and you want to make sure you have a comfortable and trusting relationship. Attorney Bartis has lived his entire life in New Hampshire, attended New Hampshire schools and has practiced entirely in New Hampshire. He can certainly utilize his experience and contacts to advise you accordingly. Just as a primary-care physician can treat you and refer you to the appropriate specialist, hospital, facility or even to obtain a second opinion, Attorney Bartis can address your legal concerns and when necessary, can include advise from other professionals such as accountants, financial planners, accident reconstructionist and medical experts.

Client Testimonials

“Bob has always been an excellent attorney he has great people skills and he is kind and compassionate. If bob is representing you, then you are in good hands.”

Samantha M.

Contact For A Personalized Case Evaluation

Contact For A Personalized Case Evaluation

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