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Attorney Robert J. Bartis has been a resident of Hollis, New Hampshire, his entire life. He still lives in his childhood home. Attorney Bartis’ parents were school teachers, and he was expected to follow in their footsteps. However, while attending college, he decided that he wanted to pursue another endeavor. He received a degree in history and minored in psychology. He then decided to be a police officer and joined the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department.¬† During the next seven years, Attorney Bartis served as a bailiff in Nashua, New Hampshire’s newly built local court located a few miles from his house. He was assigned to work for several judges and learned about the law through them. That experience led him to pursue a new career as an attorney.

Attorney Bartis went on to attend law school at the University of New Hampshire. After graduating, he went into the private practice sector, where he worked for two small firms that taught him how to run a business. He took this knowledge and opened his firm and has been practicing for 20 years. He tells people that he’s like their local primary care physician. They can call him with any “aches and pain” questions that need to be treated. Still, if they need to be referred to a specialist, like a general doctor, he’ll send them to someone who will take care of their needs. He enjoys working as a trial attorney and finds it rewarding. He also runs his practice alone, which allows him to focus on his clients. He personally handles all phone calls and cases from beginning to end.

Aside from his practice, Attorney Bartis also owns a local radio station. He purchased the WSMN 1590 AM radio station after working for ESPN New Hampshire as a correspondent for NASCAR. Attorney Bartis enjoys doing sports talk radio for NASCAR and several days a week hosts live shows broadcasting as a correspondent on music, community interest, and legal topics. He manages and operates his radio station business as well as his law firm and some real estate ventures.

There is a direct correlation between being an attorney and a radio broadcaster as both require the art of storytelling, explaining the facts and circumstances while applying the law and/or a perceptive and engaging the listening audience. Whether it be in the courtroom to a judge, or jury or on the radio, the presentation of the story and facts becomes an educational experience.

What Do You Want Your Readers To Gain From Reading This Book?

This book is an education tool for personal injury. Personal injury is often overlooked and criticized. People have this notion that lawyers are purposefully trying to capitalize on an individual’s affliction. However, a professional attorney’s job is to help solve legal problems for people who’ve been hurt or whose lives have changed. Personal injury can impact families, homes, and careers, whether it’s short-term or long-term. As an attorney, you’re there to help resolve their circumstances.

An experienced attorney knows how to handle various personal injury cases, and the purpose of this book is to give insight into that process. This book will explain how those components are intertwined in order to have a case. In personal injury claims, you have to have three components. You have to have liability, injuries, and insurance. If you’re missing any one of these three components, you do not have a case.

For instance, if you get rear-ended and the person behind you has a million-dollar policy and liability is clear, but you don’t have any injuries – you don’t have a case. On the contrary, if you get rear-ended by a person who doesn’t have insurance and you have injuries – you may not be able to collect damages. This book will outline and explain how these three topic areas are necessary to have a case. It will educate people on how these components are intertwined.

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