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What are Hernias? How are They Treated?

Hernias are relatively common injuries, which can be corrected with relatively simple surgeries. For many years, hernias have been treatable with these procedures, and sufferers have been able to live full and happy lives.

One recent innovation in the treatment of hernias is the hernia mesh implant. This is a type of implant which closes the hole caused by the hernia, which can be made from various materials depending on the manufacturer.

The Problem with Hernia Mesh Implants

Unfortunately, many of these implants are not as useful as they initially appeared to be. In fact, many types of hernia mesh implants can cause serious medical complications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bulging around the hernia area, caused by failure or inflammation of the mesh
  • Sexual dysfunction, especially in the case of infection
  • Abdominal pain and nausea, often caused by adhesion of the mesh to the abdominal wall. This can also cause bowel obstruction, nerve damage, infection, and other complications.
  • Erosion of the implant device, which can cause fever, infection, pain, nausea, and other side effects
  • Bowel obstruction, which can be caused by the mesh migrating and blocking the bowels. This can cause nausea, gas, infection, and other GI issues.
  • Infections, which can occur after implantation and can result in fever, headache, and sepsis.
  • Seromas, which are collections of fluid under the surface of the skin around the mesh, and can cause infection
  • Mesh failure, in which the mesh fails to continue patching the hole and allows the hernia to re-open. This can cause recurrence of hernias following the surgery, which can cause further surgeries to become necessary
  • Organ perforation, which can occur if the mesh migrates or otherwise fails to stay in place. This also applies to tissues, which can be torn or perforated by mesh implants.
  • Chronic pain, which can be felt as a side effect of a mesh failure or infection. This can affect many different parts of the body, including around the area of the implant, but also the joints and connective tissues and other areas of the body commonly affected by inflammation.

Which Hernia Mesh Implants are Affected?

There are specific sorts of hernia mesh implants that are most often reported to cause medical complications. These include implants made by:

  • Atrium Medical Corporation
  • Covidien
  • C.R. Bard
  • Ethicon
  • Gore Medical
  • Genzyme Corp

What Should I do if I am Experiencing Medical Complications from a Mesh Hernia Implant?

If you or a loved one thinks they may be suffering from complications from a faulty mesh implant hernia repair surgery, the first step to take is to seek medical care for any complications. These complications can be very serious and require medical attention.

Once you have obtained medical care, you should absolutely consult with a qualified, skillful personal injury attorney who has experience with defective mesh hernia implants. In Nashua, New Hampshire, you should reach out to top hernia mesh lawsuit lawyer Robert Bartis. Attorney Bartis knows everything there is to know about hernia mesh repair lawsuits, and has the track record to prove it. Call (603) 880-1300 for a Personalized Case Evaluation today.

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