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Being confronted with a Disorderly Conduct charge can understandably cause a great amount of stress and upheaval in a person’s life. It’s not uncommon for many of these charges to come from disagreements that started from a misunderstanding or from situations that get out of hand.

While people charged with these offenses may take it upon themselves to smooth things over by having a candid conversation with investigators, this action can cause the situation to become even more tumultuous. More often than not, investigating law enforcement is looking for the quickest solution to the case. Therefore, these seemingly candid conversations wherein people believe the truth to be on their side can result in their wrongful incrimination.

If you are being investigated or have been charged in connection with a similar offense, speaking to a disorderly conduct lawyer as quickly as possible is your next best step.

What Are Some Offenses That May Result In A Disorderly Conduct Charge In NH?

Laws which dictate Disorderly Conduct are put into place by governments in order to create peaceful environments for people sharing public spaces. While these charges may seem as though they are reserved for brawling sport’s event-goers, they may include charges associated with a wide array of offenses which violate laws called “Breaches of the Peace”.

These charges typically come into play based on a confluence of three major factors: Location, Circumstance, and Objectivity.

For example, the circumstances and location of a person shouting to overcome loud noises in their location would likely permit them to reasonably raise their voice. But, a person yelling in an otherwise quiet location would likely find themselves to be engaging in Disorderly Conduct.

Objectivity may come into play when a person feels offended or alarmed, or if the cause of the charge was “reasonably alarming”. It’s not necessary for prosecutors to show that any person in particular was alarmed by actions that prompted a charge of Disorderly Conduct. Instead, prosecutors only need to show that the actions would meet an objective standard of reasonable alarm.

The minutiae of these cases usually constitute the greatest opportunity for individuals charged with Disorderly Conduct can both create opportunities for them to wrongfully incriminate themselves, or for an attorney to form a truly solid defense.

Particular acts that may be considered to be “Breaches of the Peace” may include:

  • Participating in riots and protests.
  • Disrupting public assemblies.
  • Not complying with requests to disperse by law enforcement.
  • Making loud and disruptive noises in a public space.
  • Aggressive use of obscene language.
  • Obstructing walkways, traffic, public spaces.
  • Fighting and engaging in violent behavior.
  • Public intoxication.

These situations are only a sketch of some of the many situations for which a person may be charged with Disorderly Conduct. If you are curious about whether you may be charged for an altercation or are facing a charge, you should contact a Disorderly Conduct law firm at your soonest convenience.

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At Bartis Law Office, PLLC, we have been helping members of the greater Nashua, NH area for over 20 years. When seeking the services of a disorderly conduct charge lawyer, we believe that our firm is the best choice.

We understand that these charges can cause a host of problems for people as they pursue the goals for their future and are prepared to come alongside you, protecting and advocating for your rights.

If you have questions about a Disorderly Conduct case, or if you have recently been charged with Disorderly Conduct, please contact our office in Nashua, NH for a complimentary consultation today!

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