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Probate Administration

Bartis Law Offices is experienced in all areas of Probate Law in NH.

The probate process can be very intimidating for the unwary. We have extensive experience with probate matters and are always prepared to assist our clients who may have been nominated to be an executor of a will or who need to be appointed the administrator of an estate for a person who did not have a will (intestate estate). We also represent parties who may have a claim against an estate. We have represented clients in matters involving contentious probate disputes such as undue influence, alleged forgery, multiple wills, unnamed heirs, and negligence of an appointed fiduciary.

Caring For Our Families

When the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one it can be overwhelming to manage all of the details of the passing. Many people do not want to think about death while they are healthy living and therefore it often leaves remaining family members in a bind dealing with their estate. It is important to have someone in your corner that has the experience needed to manage the inner workings of probate administration. Understanding the laws surrounding possession and probate is vital when it comes to dealing with an estate.

Property Division Laws

There are many laws affecting how property is distributed for an individual who has not left a will. These laws do not always leave everyone happy in the end and there are often issues relating to making claims against the process. We are fully equipped to handle any problems that could arise during probate and are ready to protect your rights through the process. There are very few things that could come down the road that we have not experienced at one point during the long history of dealing with probate issues.

Appointing an Administration of the Estate

For those who are dealing with a situation requiring an administrator be named it is a good idea to find an individual with the experience to take those reins and run with them. There are a number of things that could happen along the probate road that may not be expected. Foreseeing some of these problems before they arise can make a big difference in how quickly the probate process works. You do not want to be stuck in a long drawn out battle over the estate while having to deal with potential bills associated with the issue such as taxes and insurance as well as mortgages and other things that can hold up the process.

Last Will & Testament Attorney

You might find that there is some dispute over whether the individual who passed away truly signed the documents that are being considered their Last Will & Testament. This is a situation that requires the steady mind of a professional who has been down this road before. Bartis Law Offices has many years of experience in the world of probate and has seen a lot of things that might seem unusual. Retracing the documents to find out where they came from and what the history is will be a great part of determining their legitimacy. This process requires a high level of commitment.

Making Sense of Your Probate Case

Unraveling a complex probate case can also be a bit daunting. If you have a case where your loved one has a number of wills with different information and bequests in all of them you may need some help weeding through the process and determining who really gets what out of the estate. This is something that requires the commitment of a firm well versed in difficult probate issues. Don’t take a chance on working your way through a probate issue without the help of someone who can withstand the process. Get help from a firm that will have your back through the endeavor.

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