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Personal Injury Lawyer in Nashua New Hampshire

A personal injury can change lives. Any kind of injury caused by another person's recklessness or negligence can result in life-altering consequences, such as not being able to return to work or enjoy the activities you once did. A personal injury can occur due to a car accident, boat accident, slip and fall incident, or motorcycle accident. When an accident has occurred, insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement. However, this settlement offer may vastly underestimate what a victim needs in order to recover and avoid financial ruin. Any victim of a personal injury accident in the Nashua, New Hampshire area should let Attorney Bartis hear the details. Attorney Bartis can investigate the accident, locate witnesses, enlist the help of medical experts, and fight to get the necessary compensation that will help a victim recover as much as is possible. Attorney Bartis has local connections within Hillsborough County and will use those connections and resources to ensure a fair outcome for any personal injury case he takes on.

Car Accident Attorney Nashua New Hampshire

The only thing worse than being injured in a car accident is being injured due to the recklessness & negligence of another driver. When someone else's careless actions lead to an accident that results in injuries to innocent parties, those innocent victims have rights. Attorney Robert Bartis serves the residents of Nashua, New Hampshire and has the experience and compassion needed to help victims pursue a personal injury case in Nashua and its surrounding areas. Attorney Bartis has practiced in Nashua for years and understands the needs of the second largest city in New Hampshire. Connected by major highways and thoroughfares, this once prominent textile town which was named "Best place to live America" twice by Money Magazine is unsurprisingly the site of many types of accidents. These accidents often leave victims with high medical bills and other expenses to contend with. Attorney Bartis will use his personal connection to the area and his dedication to helping the people of Nashua to ensure any accident victim gets the right compensation needed to move forward during a difficult time.

Auto Accident Injury Laws Nashua New Hampshire

Being the victim of an accident caused by another can be physically and emotionally traumatizing. It can also be financially devastating. An auto accident on the streets of Nashua, New Hampshire can be caused by distraction, intoxication, unsafe driving, or any number of other reasons that would make the other driver legally liable for any resulting injuries. Some of the most common injuries sustained in an accident include: broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, back and neck injuries, internal injuries, and worse. These injuries can often lead to massive medical bills, the need for ongoing treatment, and lost wages while a victim recovers. Unfortunately, an insurance company may offer a low settlement offer that does not even come close to covering these costs or helping a victim get his or her life back. A personal injury suit can be the best course of action to ensure fair compensation and full recovery. Attorney Bartis will fight to get what you deserve and will give your case the personal attention required so he knows just what you need to recover fully.

Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Nashua New Hampshire

Many of the 90,000 residents of Nashua, New Hampshire own or operate motorcycles. Many more people ride motorcycles through this old textile town on their way to motorcycle events around New Hampshire and on their way to the rural New Hampshire roads that draw bikers from all over the country. As a result of the high number of motorcycles on the road, there are many motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, people are quick to blame the motorcyclist for any accident. However, many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist at all, but instead the fault of an automobile driver who may not have been paying sufficient attention. Because of the nature of a motorcycle, the motorcyclist often suffers more severe physical injuries compared to the automobile driver who may have actually been at fault. Common motorcycle accident injuries include: broken bones, head injuries, lacerations and abrasions, back injuries, and neck injuries. Any of these injuries can lead to excessive medical bills and the need for long term care. These injuries may also prevent a person from returning to work for a period of time, if at all. The financial after-effects of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Attorney Bartis understands that motorcyclists in Nashua and other Hillsborough County towns often get maligned by the system. Attorney Bartis fights for the rights of motorcyclists injured in accidents and will dedicate the personal time, attention, and resources needed to ensure each motorcycle accident victim not only is treated fairly but also gets the compensation needed to recover.

Boating Accident Laws Nashua New Hampshire

Boats are a big part of life in the Nashua, New Hampshire area as it sits along both the Merrimack and Nashua Rivers. Boating accidents can happen at any time leaving other boaters or passengers with life-altering injuries. A boating accident can occur on New Hampshire waterways due to intoxication, unsafe operation, unsafe speeds, mechanical failure, or boating in bad weather. Common boating accident injuries can include: burns, broken bones, back and neck injuries, internal injuries, amputations, or worse. There may also be life-long scars, on-going rehabilitation, or therapy costs. Attorney Bartis knows how devastating a boating accident can be for innocent victims. Attorney Bartis has the resources needed to properly investigate an accident, enlist the help of medical experts, and dedicate the time needed to ensure a fair outcome. Boating accident victims can count on Attorney Bartis to get them the compensation they need to recover and be protected from financial ruin as a result of someone else's negligence or recklessness.

Slip and Falls Injuries Nashua New Hampshire

Property owners in and around Nashua, New Hampshire have a legal obligation to keep their property safe from certain hazards which may cause harm to patrons or visitors. If a property owner fails to do so, and someone is injured as a result, that property owner may be held liable for the injuries sustained. Injuries sustained due to a hazard on someone else's property are often referred to as slip and fall injuries, but can entail so many more scenarios than the name alone might suggest. Someone may become the victim of an accident on another's Nashua property due to improper snow and ice removal, uneven floor boards or torn carpets, broken or cracked sidewalks (disclaimer: Nashua, or any other New Hampshire city/town, has sovereign immunity and an action cannot be brought against the city regarding sidewalks), broken railings or steps, wet floors, or other such hazards that should have been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, or at least made known to the public through the posting of any type of warning sign so visitors would be notified of the potentially dangerous conditions. An injury resulting from any of those scenarios can lead to broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries, hip injuries, sprains, head injuries, or a worsening of a pre-existing condition. If you have been injured on another person's property, you need Attorney Bartis to investigate the situation, document the hazard, locate witnesses, and fight to get you the necessary compensation you deserve.


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