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Divorce Attorney - Milford New Hampshire

family lawBartis Law Offices understands the emotional challenges and complexities that come with any family law case. No other area of law is more difficult for families and individuals in the Milford, New Hampshire area. Robert Bartis is a dedicated multi-disciplined attorney who has always practiced in New Hampshire and uses that local knowledge and connections to assist Milford residents with all aspects of family law. Located in Hillsborough County and part of the densely populated Souhegan Valley, Milford is home to over 15,000 people. Residents of Milford, once known as the Granite Town, know Attorney Bartis will fight for the rights of any family or individual as they navigate divorce, custody, child support, or alimony issues.

Divorce Laws - Milford New Hampshire

Divorce can be highly emotional and can involve a great deal of upheaval, even when it is amicable. Many important decisions must be made and having clear-headed legal counsel by your side is a must. These decisions can impact every aspect of your future and finances. Some decisions Milford couples may need to make or negotiate can include: property division details, child custody and support, and alimony. Before any decisions are made, options must be weighed and each party must understand his or her rights in New Hampshire. Attorney Bartis can put this transition into motion, keep you aware of your options, and work to get you a timely, fair, and smooth divorce.

High Net Worth Divorce - Milford NH

When there is an above average amount of assets to be considered, a divorce may be deemed a high net worth divorce in Milford, New Hampshire. Former home to some of the country's most successful granite quarries and the source of the pillars that stand in front of the U.S Treasury building, some of the 15,000 residents of Milford may fit into this category. This kind of divorce can take longer as many assets need to be accounted for and valuated, sometimes by outside professionals. Some of the assets to consider can include: real estate, overseas bank accounts, valuable personal property, investment accounts, stocks, retirement accounts, insurance policies, and other high end items to be split. High net worth divorces may also include complications related to prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Hidden or unknown assets may mean Milford residents need an attorney who can enlist the help of forensic accountants and other professionals. Attorney Bartis will ensure anyone involved in a high net worth divorce understands what is at stake and what his or her rights are. He will fight to get the most fair resolution.

Child Custody Laws Milford NH

Child custody issues can be complex and extremely emotional for parents in Milford. The family court system in Hillsborough County works to ensure each decision is in the best interests of the child involved. The rights of parents are also respected. Parents are encouraged to negotiate and draft a parenting plan that works for each individual family. This can lead to the need for outside help. Factors the court system will weigh when deciding child custody for Milford area parents include: each parent's ability to provide shelter, food, clothing, health care, and educational needs. The emotional needs of the child also must be met. Custody decisions will be made in accordance to how each parent works to foster and encourage a relationship with the other parent. School, community ties, and schedules are also considered. Attorney Bartis understands the needs of parents and children in New Hampshire. He will work to ensure fairness and enlist the help of any outside sources in order to get you a favorable resolution that works in the best interest of your child.

Child Support Laws - Milford NH

Child support decisions in Milford are made according to a number of factors. The courts will use the income of both parents, the specific or unique needs of the child, other children who are being supported, and the custody agreement in order to set a fair amount for child support. Support is designed to ensure children are cared for and have their basic needs met by both parents. Other needs, such as insurance, childcare, extra-curricular activity costs, and schooling costs are also considered. Attorney Bartis can help parents understand the child support guidelines and laws. He will also make sure parents understand the consequences and options of non-payment and when a modification to a child support may be justified.

Alimony Laws - Milford NH

Divorce affects the financial lives of both individuals. Milford residents may be asked to pay alimony or may need alimony to survive or maintain a certain lifestyle. Alimony is not guaranteed and there are set laws in place to determine an amount. The amount and timeline for alimony depends on the following factors: income of both spouses, age and health of spouse, ability to work and earn a living, and details of a property agreement. The court has discretion when setting an amount and timeline. Attorney Bartis will work diligently to explain your side and to get the best resolution for your alimony case.


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