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Divorce Attorney - Bedford New Hampshire

Divorce, parenting cases, child support issues and any other family law cases involving Bedford, New Hampshire residents are all held at the Merrimack Family Division Court which is adjacent to Attorney Bartis' office.

Bartis Law Offices understand the emotional challenges and complexities inherent in any family law case. No other legal practice area is more trying for families and individuals in the Bedford area. Attorney Robert Bartis is a dedicated, multi-disciplined lawyer, who has spent his entire professional career practicing in New Hampshire and puts that local knowledge and connections to use in assisting Bedford residents with all aspects of family law. With over 21,000 residents, this suburb of Manchester requires a knowledgeable legal professional who will dedicate the time needed to navigate complex and emotional cases involving local Bedford families. Attorney Bartis understands what may be at stake and will fight for the rights of any family or individual as they navigate through divorce, custody, child support, or alimony issues.

Divorce Laws - Bedford New Hampshire

Any divorce can quickly become complex, requiring an attorney with the compassion and dedication needed to fight for the best possible outcome for Bedford, New Hampshire residents. As a result of the emotions inherent in divorce and the uniqueness of each individual case, having the time and attention of an attorney who understands what is truly at stake is essential. Attorney Bartis can work to ensure the best possible property division settlement is reached, assets are fairly evaluated, and child support, alimony, or other issues are handled swiftly and equitably. Negotiations can become further complicated by disputes regarding any prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements that may have been entered. If you are facing a divorce, let Attorney Bartis be your clear-headed, reliable, and trustworthy source of legal assistance to get through this difficult transition.

High Net-Worth Divorce - Bedford New Hampshire

When there is an elevated or extraordinary amount of marital assets, a family business, or other funds to be considered, a divorce may be deemed a high net-worth divorce in Bedford, New Hampshire. This kind of divorce can be complex, time-consuming, and contentious as many assets will need to be accounted for and valuated, sometimes by outside professionals. Some of the assets for consideration can be: real estate, overseas accounts, business holdings, stocks, investments, retirement accounts, insurance policies, and other highly valued personal assets. High net-worth divorces may also include additional complications related to prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Moreover, the possibility of hidden or unknown assets mean Bedford residents need an attorney who can enlist the help of forensic accountants and other professionals. Attorney Bartis will ensure anyone involved in a high net-worth divorce understands not only what is at stake but also what his or her rights are. Attorney Bartis will fight to obtain the most fair-minded resolution possible by finding hidden assets, advocating for a fair split of all martial assets, and giving your case the time, attention, and energy needed to do so.

Child Custody - Bedford New Hampshire

Child custody issues can be complex and extremely emotional for parents in Bedford, New Hampshire. The family court system within Hillsborough County works to ensure each ruling made is in the best interests of the child or children involved. However, it is also important for Bedford parents to ensure not only that their legal rights are being protected but also that their case is being presented effectively. Factors the family court system will weigh when ruling on child custody for Bedford area parents include: each parent's ability to provide shelter, food, clothing, health care, and meet the child's educational needs. The emotional needs of the child must also be met. Custody rulings will also be made in accordance with how each parent works to foster and encourage a relationship with the other parent. School, community ties, and routine schedules are also considered.

A child custody case will decide legal custody, which pertains to decision-making regarding major issues such as education, health, medical needs, and religious teachings, as well as physical custody, which pertains to the specific time spent with each parent. The family court system strives toward joint custody so each parent can foster and protect his or her relationship with the child. Attorney Bartis understands the needs of parents and children in Bedford and gives child custody cases the time and dedication necessary so parents can obtain a fair outcome. Attorney Bartis will investigate each case, outline all the options, and help Bedford parents fight for the best interest of their children.

Child Support - Bedford New Hampshire

Child support is a vital component for the care and raising of children in the Bedford, New Hampshire area. Support is meant to ensure a child has proper housing, food, clothing, and that any other needs can be met by both parents. Those needs may include specific medical needs, private school or extra-curricular activities, and child care. The family court system will utilize not only the income of both parents, but also any specific or unique needs of the child, other children who are being supported, and the custody agreement in order to set a fair amount for child support. Other factors, such as insurance premium, child care costs, extra-curricular activity costs, and schooling costs are also considered. Bedford area parents should be aware of the individual circumstances that may affect what they will pay or receive. Attorney Bartis can help Bedford parents understand the child support guidelines and laws. Attorney Bartis will weigh all the options and fight to ensure the needs of the children are adequately met. Attorney Bartis will dedicate the time and resources necessary to reach a fair outcome in any child support case.

Alimony Laws - Bedford New Hampshire

Divorce affects the financial lives of both individuals. Bedford, New Hampshire residents may be asked to pay alimony if one spouse is left unable to support himself or herself or does not earn enough to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. However, alimony is not guaranteed and there are set laws in place to determine an amount. The amount and duration for alimony depends on the following factors: length of marriage, income of both spouses, age and health of both spouses, ability to work and earn a living, and details of any property agreement. The family court system has discretion when setting an amount and duration. When alimony is on the table, you need an attorney with the resources and understanding of your situation to obtain a fair resolution. Attorney Bartis understands the complexities and confusion that may surround an alimony case. Attorney Bartis knows that no two cases are alike and will clearly explain all of your options. Attorney Bartis will work diligently to present the unique aspects of your case to the court that could impact on an alimony ruling.


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Bartis Law Offices, PLLC I was nervous and had a lot of anxiety when I finally decided to file for divorce. I was lucky to find this attorney. Attorney Bob Bartis enlightened me throughout the whole process and assured me that he would work to make it as painless and as smooth as possible, he was quite entertaining as well. It was great to know you had someone on your side fighting for you. Thanks Bob.

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